What Are Storage Units ?

What Are Storage Units ?

Mar 01

The United States is the leading market for the self-storage industry (also called mini storage or self-service storage), with about 46,000 storage facilities located all around the country and still growing. It is such a huge industry that there is even a show on television called “Storage wars.” According to a report from 2007, the US market for self storage and leasing was at $6.6 billion, and has since possibly increased.

Storage units are usually rented on a short-term basis, although arrangements for long-term use can be made. Units can be leased to both individuals and businesses. However, just about every jurisdiction does not permit using a storage units as a residence. The renters, or tenants, are given their own lock and key for their own security, and generally all the items stored are covered by the storage facility’s insurance. The main difference between a storage facility and warehouses is the accessibility of employees to the facility; this, therefore, creates more security and privacy for the tenant, as it is less open to theft and break-ins.

Many storage facilities offer additional services and packaging supplies, such as boxes, locks, and even truck rentals for transporting the items to and from the storage facility. Other tenants are specifically looking for storage facilities that offer climate control. These types of storage units can help in maintaining important and sometimes fragile items that need to be kept in a certain temperature to avoid damages. Climate controlled storage units can help preserve important artifacts or documents that can be damaged by weather or changes in temperature. Because many of the items stored in storage facilities are saved for future use, and even for sale, it is vital to keep them in the best possible condition. Finding the right storage facility, therefore, is important to keep them safe and in the best state. Investing in storage now could lead to a higher return in the future.

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