Places to be in Milwaukee: Miller Park

Places to be in Milwaukee: Miller Park

May 11

One of its kind in the entirety of North America – Miller Park is definitely one of the more famed hotspots in this great city, and for good reason. Its unique fan shape, in a purely aesthetic fashion, is attractive and is cause for intrigue but it is also highly functional. Never will a game be deterred by inclement weather as the ceiling can close in just ten minutes and allow for everything to simply go along as it would have.

The park broke ground in 1996 and finished construction in 2001. Since that time, it has been the home of the famed local baseball team of Milwaukee: the Milwaukee Brewers.

However, it isn’t just baseball that this place is known for as, thanks to the spacious grounds as well as the grand seating capacity, many concerts have also been held in this park as well! Paul McCartney holds the record for having had filled up the park the most with his concert in 2013, having filled the park with over 44,000 people. One Direction is even scheduled to perform in Miller Park this coming August 2015.

Whether or not you’re a baseball fan or not, you are guaranteed a good time in these grounds as the shared energy and adrenaline is enough to perk just about anyone up. It has been noted that it has the best dollar value, thanks to the facilities as well as the food offered. Vendors are plentiful in this park and the quality of it isn’t just your run of the mill park food as this, too, is something that Miller Park particularly prides itself on.

Are you going to find yourself in Milwaukee any time soon? Why not catch a game or performance or two? Miller Park is definitely worth your while!

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