Am I Flighty or Did I Get Hit In the Head?

Am I Flighty or Did I Get Hit In the Head?

Nov 11

How do I prove a car accident really screwed me up when it happened two years ago? That’s what’s on my mind today. As you may know, if you’ve read anything else I’ve written, I have memory gaps sometimes. Usually, I recount these as amusing stories (like the time I locked myself out of my car and my house but everything was okay because I’d left the windows open even though it was about to rain).

The truth is, the stories aren’t always amusing, and they’re rarely amusing while they’re happening.

For the longest time, I’d thought this might just be a quirk of my adult self that was manifesting as I reached full maturity. I’ve known people who are a bit flighty, and while I don’t think that describes me, maybe no one actually thinks they’re flighty. Maybe flighty people think they’re incredibly grounded and things just keep slipping their minds for some reason.

That’s how I approached things until I by chance read a couple articles about how car accidents can lead to memory loss issues.

Now, that got me thinking. And for once, the idea didn’t slip my mind. Were all my flighty moments just because I was flighty or because of the accident?

I didn’t really discuss the accident at the time, two years ago, with anyone. I wasn’t blogging back then, and I wasn’t very close to my family back then either. Only a few friends know how bad it was. I was in the hospital for a little while. I had to go to physical therapy after. It was ugly. But I thought when it was done it was done. Now I’m not so sure.

I want to point out here that I’m not money hungry. I don’t want to go back and sue the driver, or not so I can earn some extra cash at least. All I want is to know if I should go see a doctor and if I need treatment. If my insurance doesn’t cover the treatment, only then would I consider getting a lawyer.

Of course, I hope it’s nothing. I hope it’s just a silly flighty worry that’s crept into my flighty little head. I hope that because I’m far more worried, deep down, that my memory issues are due to brain trauma and that the brain trauma is irreversible.

That’s scary just writing it. On some level, I wish I’d just forgotten the articles I read the same way I forget my keys. Why can’t my brain malfunction to give me a little peace every now and again?

So, big announcement after writing all that. I’ve found a doctor that takes my crummy insurance, and I’m going to go see him next week to ask about all this stuff. Hopefully, he laughs me out of the office for being neurotic as well as flighty. That would be the best embarrassing moment of my life!

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