Dangers of Tailgating

Dangers of Tailgating

Sep 19

Some people may not be aware of the dangers of tailgating. Tailgating is a form of aggressive driving, where another driver is driving too close to the car in front of him. More often than not, tailgating drivers use this maneuver to express their impatience and frustration to the driver in front of them. Although it may seem harmless, in many occasions tailgating has lead to many rear-end accidents and often lead to road rage and retaliation incidents.

Experienced drivers do tailgating because of the technique called drafting. Drafting is often used in car racing because during drafting, there is less or no wind resistance to the car doing the tailgating because the one in front is taking it all, therefore making it easier to overtake to the front. For inexperienced drivers, these situations can cause severe accidents because it lowers the reaction time for any sudden changes. Another thing to lookout for during tailgating is turning into corners. Tailgating to another vehicle while turning corners is just an ego boost to many.

To know if you are tailgating, try practicing the “three second rule”; making sure that you have enough time to react to any sudden changes from the driver in front. Human’s reaction to danger takes about one to four seconds, therefore having enough space ensures that you can safely drive next to another driver and prevent any accidents that may happen on the road. Also, poor driving conditions can increase the chances of road accidents.

Penalties for tailgating can vary depending on each state law, but it often includes fines and demerits in accordance to how dangerous you were driving. Tailgating is prohibited, and is a negligent act that goes against road safety. Those who do these kinds of acts are punishable by the law.


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