Creating a Workplace that is Medically Safe and Compliant with Legal Standards

Creating a Workplace that is Medically Safe and Compliant with Legal Standards

Sep 16

Many times in the past, employers have hired job applicants, only to land them in inappropriate positions since applicant evaluation involved only simple aptitude tests or a run through of the applicant’s resume. This hiring method has, more often than not, resulted in stressed and unproductive employees, absenteeism, fast employee turnover, workplace accidents, and costly claims (compensation) – losses and costs that manifest some sort of failure (whatever or wherever it is) on the company’s part. Today, allowing a professional functional employment testing firm will help employers not only to do away with all those unwanted eventualities, but hire the right and best people and land them in jobs most appropriate for them.

Since the 1990s, when WorkSTEPS, Inc. was developed by Larry Feeler, a certified physical therapist, the process of hiring in many firms has had major changes. Allowing WorkSTEPS, Inc. to play a key role in the hiring process, workers, especially new hires, have been matched with the right job, while absenteeism, lost time, employee turnover, compensation claims and work site accident/injury have been significantly reduced. One company has even enjoyed a cutback in work-related injuries and workers’ compensation claims amounting to about three quarters of a million dollars – definitely big savings that will make business owners nod in approval. Just ask a business lawyer: something that saves the company money, improves employee retention and morale, reduces lawsuits, and helps match the right people to the job is almost certainly of value.

WorkSTEPS, Inc. is the top provider of functional employment testing in the US. Its services include:

  • Functional employment testing
  • Return-to-work fit-for-duty
  • Post-employment fit-for-duty testing
  • Functional capacity evaluations (FCE)
  • Post-injury upper quadrant/carpal tunnel testing

With WorkSTEPS, Inc., the perennial concern of business owners, which is effectively matching a job with a worker’s strengths and skills for a workplace that is compliant with legal standards and medically safe, is finally given a solution. These are essential requirements whether you are just starting a business or already focusing on attaining your company’s goals and target profit as this will help keep employees satisfied and legal problems to a minimum.

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