Can Storage Units Be Trusted?

Can Storage Units Be Trusted?

Aug 24

Over the years, we accumulate more and more items as we find ourselves moving and growing to keep up with new relationships, friendships, and jobs. We like to acquire and collect trinkets and memories, but where do we make space for these treasures? One common option is in a storage unit. However, some people are questioning whether this choice may be placing too much trust on a business. On August 21st, a fire in Long Beach caused damage to at least 100 storage units at a local storage facility, according to an article in Press Telegram. Firefighters spent hours eliminating the third alarm blaze that struck Extra Space Storage on West Wardlow Road.

This fire overtook the storage facility at night and destroyed or damaged over 100 storage units. Fire crews responded to the event shortly before midnight on Sunday. Upon arrival, the crews discovered huge flames spanning the length of the 300-foot-long building that contains units by the dozen. Approximately 75 firefighters worked together to battle the flames well into the morning. By 8 A.M., the roof had collapsed and the firefighters were trying to keep the debris from reigniting. How the blaze started and where it began is a mystery that investigators are still trying to solve. One firefighter from the scene was treated at a local hospital for an injured shoulder. Renters called and arrived at the scene in the morning to express their concern and determine whether the fire damaged their units. One such renter, Eddie Leva, said he uses his space to store his payroll records and other important documents along with some personal items. One employee from Extra Space declined to provide a statement, but mentioned that Extra Space is busy answering calls from concerned renters. 

While it is impossible to predict fires, it is important to protect our property. Individuals can do so by choosing the right storage unit and a sturdy lock. Items that are valuable should be placed in the back, and most items should not be stored directly on the ground. Direct contact may create damage, as could placing flattened cardboard boxes under furniture, which may cause a larger fire. If it is possible, people using storage units should disassemble large pieces of furniture and keep items wrapped. It is important to eliminate any edible items that can cause mice and bug infestations. Flammable items should not be stored in units, especially in humid or hot climates.

Being conscious of how we store our items and what we store in our units is a positive step for storage unit renters.While we cannot anticipate mass fires, we can control the scope of their damage by filtering the content we place into our boxes. Storage units are a great option for business and personal use when you need a safe space that will protect your belongings. 

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